Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On the Pertinent Question of Facials

When you get to the grand finale of a sex scene, right after the guy has done his thing on the girl, be it on her face, tits, or ass, do you ever stop to wonder why? I do. I do often. I mean, the whole notion of cumming on a girl is really silly when you think about it.

From what I've been told the act of cumming on the girl goes back to peepshow days. It served as proof that the sex wasn't simulated. Somewhere between then and now the act went from serving a utilitarian purpose to becoming fetishized and being a sexual act in itself.

Feminists who have written about pornography claim that it is just another way to degrade and humiliate women. Puts them in their place by soiling them.

Like many other guys, I love seeing girls get creamed. This is something I feel incredibly guilty about. Truthfully, deriving pleasure from seeing cumshots is a relatively new one for me. You see, coming up I was weened on movies on the Spice Channel. There were no cumshots. You'd see a shot of the guy's face when he climaxed; maybe another shot of the girl's face if you were lucky, then they'd fade into the next scene.

You only saw cumshots in the more hardcore skin mags, and those were the pages I skipped over. The pictures of girls with load spackled all over their faces seemed so alien to me and about as sexy as women who spread their pussy lips wide for you to see inside (I refuse to believe there's anyone into that).

I was already over 20 before the idea began to take hold. I was in the military at the time and I'd inherited a bottom rack. The previous inhabitant pasted the ceiling with numerous pictures of splattered girls. That was his thing. I left it up partly out of laziness, partly for kicks. And that's the first thing I saw every morning for the next two years. I don't know when I crossed the line from ironic appreciation to genuine appreciation (I was in my mid-20's before I noticed the change), but now I have to see the proof before I can get where I need to be. There are two things that are guaranteed to make me climax if I see them in a scene: an impressive face shot and kissing (I'm that one guy. I know. I'm weird. More on that some other time).

It used to be when I was younger, I liked watching creampie vids. They were closer to reality. I could draw from personal experience. I was more likely to cum in a girl than on her face. It seems these days the reverse is true. I regard creampies with feelings varying from suspicion, awe, disbelief, and disgust. Isn't that odd, the world we live in? Cumming on women is the norm and cumming inside is viewed as deviant. How about that? That sets us apart from the rest of human history. That and Scramble Porn.

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