Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Girl With the Spider Tattoo

I love love love Brazilian porn. In fact I stay away from it out of fear that it might be all I end up doing, just sitting in front of a computer all day all my days watching beautiful, brown, big-booty bitches jiggle and giggle in Portuguese.

And I've been thinking of Brazilian Porn lately. Actually just one scene from a video I'd scene over 5 years ago. That girl was to die for. The very definition of heavenly. And the icing on the cake was her scrumptiously gigantic butt, like two hams. On one butt cheek was a tattoo of tarantula.

Every couple of months, I get that yearning in my heart and I try to find that video online. The one I saw was a DVD that belonged to a friend of a friend of a friend. Long gone, I can't trace the source. So I google it. You figure if it's floating around the internet it would be relatively easy to find. Type in BRAZILIAN and TARANTULA BUTT TATTOO and it should pop up. No luck every time so far and it continues being my holy grail (one of them, there are a couple). And I go on dreaming. Someday.


  1. one of my favorites: buttman's rio carnival

    ... you're welcome...

  2. I too have been looking for a girl that had a spider tattoo on her but, she has been in several short film and the latest I saw her on was you porn under the title anal fucking wife. I sure would like to know who she is.