Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Hate IR (But Watch It Anyway)

It happened like this. A little while back, I came across what turned out to be a treasure trove of porn. Those were the days when I was just discovering Megaupload and Rapidshare and the like, all of which were godsends. That place turned out to be an IR board. And in no time my collection comprised a sizable chunk of IR.

To backtrack a bit, Interracial Porn has been never something I've deliberately sought out. I was familiar with it and I've watched it when I came across it and on the whole I didn't hate it. But I never walked into a video store or newsstand looking for it. I never turn on my computer thinking “You know, I really want to see a black guy fuck a white chick. That's just what I need .” But at the same time the thought that “I really want to see a white guy fuck a White/black girl,” never crossed my mind. I have wanted to see Asian men in porn, but that's only because you never see any. That's novelty at work there. For the most part color doesn't play a major part in what I watch.

You got to consider that I came up in an era when Sean Michaels was the only black guy on the Spice Channel. Here's a man who's made a point not to call what he's doing interracial. I got into Lex Steele and Jake Steed a little later and although I was a bit annoyed about Steed playing the animal, it's nowhere nearly as offensive the stuff that comes out now. I can't decide who's worse for race relations: Spring Thomas or The Hush Pass dudes.

Which brings me to what I wanted to say. I hate Interracial Porn. But I watch it anyway.

Let me elaborate. I hate the premise behind IR. Think about it. The appeal, the selling point, is that the black man, the Other, is more sexual because he is animalistic, less than human. It wasn't that long ago that the Justice Department considered cracking down on IR. On their list it wasn't that far down from bestiality I don't think that's an accident. I think that's the mindset of many of the people who produce and watch IR. I propose that IR isn't made as, say , a tool of empowerment for and by black men, to show how far we've come, but rather by and for people who think that having sex with a black man is another way to humiliate a woman(also not accidental that IR is big in the South), in the same vein though not the same degree as a donkey show.

With IR the humiliation doesn't rest merely with the woman. It goes both ways. How does the stereotype go? The white woman is simply irresistible to the Black man who must do everything to have her. In some cases that means debasement (did you think of Spring Thomas too?). I believe that's called the Mandingo Syndrome.

And the fact that there's an actor working under the name Mandingo just makes my case that much easier to make. God, I hate IR. Why do I watch it then? Perhaps, I'm harboring deep seated self loathing that manifests in watching this stuff. I dunno. It would take years of psychoanalysis to dredge that up. I know that the on-the-surface reasons are pretty straightforward: Some of the best looking women do IR. Maybe, it's the higher pay rate that attracts them. I dunno, but the girls are banging. Plus, Black woodsmen do their job correctly. I know based solely on the sex if I'm watching IR the chances are much better that it will be a mind-blowing performance. Or maybe I'm buying into the stereotype.

Another thing that bothers me is The fact that the term Interracial refers almost exclusively to a Black Man and a White Women. That should get you thinking. Black Woman/ White Man, a rarity, is never referred to as IR. If it's labeled anything it's like some big booty thing. Black Man/ Hispanic Woman are IR most of the time (depending on the lightness of her skin) but the designation doesn't apply the other way around. And we all know that anything done with an Asian woman doesn't count as IR. If you can get a bunch of their scenes together you can label it Asian porn but that's about it.

But I guess when you consider all the other demeaning shit that's fair game in porn the stuff I'm griping about is small peanuts. What really gets to me is the looseness with which the N word gets thrown around. I really don't like getting offended in mid-stroke. And I feel the ante will keep getting raised and in a few years I'll be beating off to a scene that unexpectedly ends in a lynching. Seems like the direction things are going. Hopefully, I'll feel at least conflicted.

Who am I kidding? I'd probably watch it. Sigh.

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