Friday, November 9, 2012

Get to Know a Cam Girl: Modest Molly

The impossible, the inevitable has happened. The apocalypse has come to New York. No power. No heat. Cold water showers. A truly hipster existence. Could be worse; I’m blessed. But these trying times haven’t been conducive to writing about porn and masturbating

I feel this is important. This blog is about showing that there’s people and poetry in porn. It’s about showing what’s human but never mentioned, what’s taken for granted. In times like these it’s important to remember who we are, what makes us human.

So the show goes on.

This interview with the bubbly, sexy, and talented Modest Molly is the first in a series that looks into the lives of those stroked-to, unsung heroes, The Cam Girl.

Who are you? Describe yourself in haiku.

Nerdy and sexual, always open
Love comics and sex, big boobs too
Smarter than I may look

The handle, are you a Modest Mouse fan or just humble? Please tell me your favorite album is The Moon and Antarctica.

While I am a Modest Mouse fan, the handle is more about me being humble.  As far as music goes I love Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Massive Attack and more. 

What or who got you into camming?

I have been an exhibitionist posting naughty photos of myself online to reddit for a while when someone mentioned the idea of camming to me. I can make money doing what I already do? The wheels started turning.

What's a typical day?

Wake up anytime, think about what I'm going to cook since I am a housewife and love to cook and such. Go on cam, feel the mood out. Put on some sexy clothes, dance around listening to music. Go on a bike ride if weather permits. I have tons of hobbies. Take some naughty themed pictures possibly.

Do you get recognized? Any public double takes? 

I have gotten recognized once! It was kind of startling but I feel if someone is watching me, why should I feel embarrassed?

How long have you been doing it?

About 6 months now.
Ideal client behavior?
I love guys that let me take control, tell them when they are allowed to cum and the like. I am very submissive off cam so it's fun to experiment with my dominant side. I love all clients though, watch me and I'll be happy!
Strangest client?
A guy who told me his son and him were watching me together... Weird.

Does it get in the way of real life? Significant other, friends, family?

No not really my husband is awesome and very supportive.
What would you tell a newbie? What should they avoid?
Don't expect a lot at first , find your groove and if possible, a niche. Be patient and friendly to everyone who comes into your room. Smiling helps a lot, don't look bored.
Your looks aren't conventional, do you find camming helps your self image? How do you block out the assholes? The Internet is full of them.
Totally agree that my looks aren't conventional and camming and exploring my exhibitionist  side has been great for my confidence and self esteem. Guys like all sorts of things, and I'm glad to cater to those who like me! Well I can't block assholes but I'm always nice and haven't had too many issues with jerks! *knock on wood*
Do you know other cam girls? Is there a community. Sounds like a silly question, but is there? Do can girls talk to other cam girls?
I know other cam girls yes, lots of girls are helpful and there are some forums out there that helped me alot when I was just beginning. Yes we can talk to each other!
They say practice makes perfect. What do you find yourself doing better?
I find myself sucking cock better. Lots of guys request dildo sucking and it translates to life. I have also been having great squirting sessions. Always fun.
Are you happy?

Yes I am very happy. I have a way to make money that helps me sexually And turns me on more than anything. I love showing off.

Modest Molly can be immodesty viewed at, and 
She also has a lively twitter account you should check out. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Porn Star Haiku: Kerry Louise

Kerry Louise
Butterflies pollinate
Lilies. Lust. A creative
Force of nature.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Porn Star Haiku: Nikki Delano

Nikki Delano
No Fear. A swelling 
In the lungs and loins—Oh dear!
Thrill that know no peer.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Porn Star Haiku; Arabelle Raphael

Arabelle Raphael
A close up of
Arabelle Raphael's lips sucking dick;
I'm in love.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Porn Star Haiku: Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle
Heaven-sent on accident
Don't you dare forget.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where Are the Onas of Yesteryear?

Where has Ona Zee gone? I miss her. Heard from a birdie, she makes art. If so, I would love to interview her. If not, I would love to interview her.

Mrs. Zee, if you're reading, come at me. We'll talk.

Friday, June 29, 2012

On Tyla Wynn (Working Title)

To do. Deconsctruct this Tyla Wynn video. Be sure to highlight
  • The ridiculous shit she says during the intro
  • The premise of the plot
    • THAT couple with THAT realtor being THAT laid back about a $20,000 a month mansion
    • Tyla Wynn’s short creepy boyfriend
      • Who looks like he should be in gay porn but when you think about it you think gay guys couldn’t be turned on by him either. He’s weird looking.
      • Like, if he was near me at a orgy, I think I would have to move somewhere else.
      • Like he looks like he smells funny
      • And if he didn’t have a big dick he’d be on some sort of watchlist.
      • I bet he is on a watchlist.
      • Footnote that he is Scott Lyon, Mr. Brandy Lyons and yes, he’s done gay porn.
    • Jesus Christ, I haven’t seen Alex Sanders in years
      • Or maybe I have and I haven’t been paying attention.
      • Talk about a throwback to the nineties.
      • Shouldn’t he be fucking Dyanna Lauren or something.
      • He couldn’t look more bored.
      • Maybe because he’s not fucking Dyanna Lauren.
      • This is where you notice that Tyla Wynn isn’t exactly a catch.
        • I’ve tried escape this classist trip but the white trash is on there heavy.
        • She looks worse for wear.
        • This movie is from like 2006. She’s still in the industry. Has anyone checked to see if she’s ok?
        • I dont think I want to fuck her anymore.
        • That said, I still finished.
        • Finding a recent video and hoping she’s looking healthier.