Friday, November 9, 2012

Get to Know a Cam Girl: Modest Molly

The impossible, the inevitable has happened. The apocalypse has come to New York. No power. No heat. Cold water showers. A truly hipster existence. Could be worse; I’m blessed. But these trying times haven’t been conducive to writing about porn and masturbating

I feel this is important. This blog is about showing that there’s people and poetry in porn. It’s about showing what’s human but never mentioned, what’s taken for granted. In times like these it’s important to remember who we are, what makes us human.

So the show goes on.

This interview with the bubbly, sexy, and talented Modest Molly is the first in a series that looks into the lives of those stroked-to, unsung heroes, The Cam Girl.

Who are you? Describe yourself in haiku.

Nerdy and sexual, always open
Love comics and sex, big boobs too
Smarter than I may look

The handle, are you a Modest Mouse fan or just humble? Please tell me your favorite album is The Moon and Antarctica.

While I am a Modest Mouse fan, the handle is more about me being humble.  As far as music goes I love Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Massive Attack and more. 

What or who got you into camming?

I have been an exhibitionist posting naughty photos of myself online to reddit for a while when someone mentioned the idea of camming to me. I can make money doing what I already do? The wheels started turning.

What's a typical day?

Wake up anytime, think about what I'm going to cook since I am a housewife and love to cook and such. Go on cam, feel the mood out. Put on some sexy clothes, dance around listening to music. Go on a bike ride if weather permits. I have tons of hobbies. Take some naughty themed pictures possibly.

Do you get recognized? Any public double takes? 

I have gotten recognized once! It was kind of startling but I feel if someone is watching me, why should I feel embarrassed?

How long have you been doing it?

About 6 months now.
Ideal client behavior?
I love guys that let me take control, tell them when they are allowed to cum and the like. I am very submissive off cam so it's fun to experiment with my dominant side. I love all clients though, watch me and I'll be happy!
Strangest client?
A guy who told me his son and him were watching me together... Weird.

Does it get in the way of real life? Significant other, friends, family?

No not really my husband is awesome and very supportive.
What would you tell a newbie? What should they avoid?
Don't expect a lot at first , find your groove and if possible, a niche. Be patient and friendly to everyone who comes into your room. Smiling helps a lot, don't look bored.
Your looks aren't conventional, do you find camming helps your self image? How do you block out the assholes? The Internet is full of them.
Totally agree that my looks aren't conventional and camming and exploring my exhibitionist  side has been great for my confidence and self esteem. Guys like all sorts of things, and I'm glad to cater to those who like me! Well I can't block assholes but I'm always nice and haven't had too many issues with jerks! *knock on wood*
Do you know other cam girls? Is there a community. Sounds like a silly question, but is there? Do can girls talk to other cam girls?
I know other cam girls yes, lots of girls are helpful and there are some forums out there that helped me alot when I was just beginning. Yes we can talk to each other!
They say practice makes perfect. What do you find yourself doing better?
I find myself sucking cock better. Lots of guys request dildo sucking and it translates to life. I have also been having great squirting sessions. Always fun.
Are you happy?

Yes I am very happy. I have a way to make money that helps me sexually And turns me on more than anything. I love showing off.

Modest Molly can be immodesty viewed at, and 
She also has a lively twitter account you should check out. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Porn Star Haiku: Kerry Louise

Kerry Louise
Butterflies pollinate
Lilies. Lust. A creative
Force of nature.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Porn Star Haiku: Nikki Delano

Nikki Delano
No Fear. A swelling 
In the lungs and loins—Oh dear!
Thrill that know no peer.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Porn Star Haiku; Arabelle Raphael

Arabelle Raphael
A close up of
Arabelle Raphael's lips sucking dick;
I'm in love.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Porn Star Haiku: Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle
Heaven-sent on accident
Don't you dare forget.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where Are the Onas of Yesteryear?

Where has Ona Zee gone? I miss her. Heard from a birdie, she makes art. If so, I would love to interview her. If not, I would love to interview her.

Mrs. Zee, if you're reading, come at me. We'll talk.

Friday, June 29, 2012

On Tyla Wynn (Working Title)

To do. Deconsctruct this Tyla Wynn video. Be sure to highlight
  • The ridiculous shit she says during the intro
  • The premise of the plot
    • THAT couple with THAT realtor being THAT laid back about a $20,000 a month mansion
    • Tyla Wynn’s short creepy boyfriend
      • Who looks like he should be in gay porn but when you think about it you think gay guys couldn’t be turned on by him either. He’s weird looking.
      • Like, if he was near me at a orgy, I think I would have to move somewhere else.
      • Like he looks like he smells funny
      • And if he didn’t have a big dick he’d be on some sort of watchlist.
      • I bet he is on a watchlist.
      • Footnote that he is Scott Lyon, Mr. Brandy Lyons and yes, he’s done gay porn.
    • Jesus Christ, I haven’t seen Alex Sanders in years
      • Or maybe I have and I haven’t been paying attention.
      • Talk about a throwback to the nineties.
      • Shouldn’t he be fucking Dyanna Lauren or something.
      • He couldn’t look more bored.
      • Maybe because he’s not fucking Dyanna Lauren.
      • This is where you notice that Tyla Wynn isn’t exactly a catch.
        • I’ve tried escape this classist trip but the white trash is on there heavy.
        • She looks worse for wear.
        • This movie is from like 2006. She’s still in the industry. Has anyone checked to see if she’s ok?
        • I dont think I want to fuck her anymore.
        • That said, I still finished.
        • Finding a recent video and hoping she’s looking healthier.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Porn Star Haiku: Jordan Blue

Jordan Blue
A former model
Blew the life into me thus,
Inflate my ego.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Porn Star Haiku: Kelly Leigh

Kelly Leigh
Your fierce fucking beckons!
I reply to your thighs And amazing grace.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Porn Star Haiku: Katrina Kraven

Katrina Kraven
You're gonna make it
Come out. Gotta start writing
Haiku left-handed

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shit Kelly Wells Says

Movie: Orgy Fuck Fest (2007)

4:02: Feed my fucking face. I haven’t had a damn thing to eat all day.

8:04: Fuck me out of my fucking mind. I’m already out of my fucking mind.

9:08: I’ll put your name on my fucking cunt.

11:52: It’s not nice to slobber while you eat.

12:58: I have an available hole. Why isn't anyone going after it?

13:24: Remember to arch your back, fucking whore.

25:29: That’s a blessed asshole.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Neckties Exclusive: An Interview With Brandy Ryder

 I've had the pleasure to interview one of our favorite BBW stars. Brandy Ryder, the continual object of my affection, was nice enough to answer some questions for Neckties. Please read if you want to get inside this honey. 

Just remember, behind the fantasy is a hard working mother of two. Behind the fantasy is a real down-to-earth chick who's trying to get by. If she really makes you tingle in special places, if she makes parts of you sing, if you've rubbed one or two out to her, please support her. In porn or otherwise. And don't be afraid to engage her. She loves her fans as much as they love her.

Neckties: We've never met. We’re acquainted through Twitter. Is there anything you can say to assure everyone reading that you’re not a bot?

Brandy: 101101001001  haha!  Just kidding :)  This is the real Brandy Ryder and I am Not a Robot.   

Neckties: Describe yourself, in haiku.
Sunwashed soft pale skin 
Hazel eyes seducing you

Naked Exposed Me
Neckties:  I would say you have an exotic look. That’s why I’m into you. What’s your background? How do you identify?

Brandy: I'm an all-American mutt like many :)  I grew up in the Midwest... band geek and theatre nerd... I am German/English/Scottish.  My heart belongs in Miami! 

Neckties:  You’re in a reletively young subgenre. Can you tell me how you were first introduced to BBW porn? I assume it was long before you started performing. Can you tell me what was rushing through your head at the time you saw women who looked like you being worshiped?

Brandy: My first glimpse of big beautiful women was Score's "Voluptuous" Magazine and "XLGirls" I was so impressed to see such classy and sexy photos of these girls. I had grown up always hating my curves and my huge boobs and the attention it brought me. When I saw these magazines and the websites and found that there were guys who appreciated this body type it was a whole new world. It made me feel more comfortable with myself, and also I developed quite a few new girl crushes :)

Neckties:  How were you introduced to having sex onscreen?

Brandy: I'm naughty and always been a bit kinky, I had always loved making little homemade sex tapes... in 2006 I started web camming, and eventually my boyfriend at the time convinced me to email Score and do a shoot. That was the very first shoot I did, "Two big Tickets to Ride" and "Feed her Fuck her". Working with Score was amazing, they made me feel super comfortable and glamorous.

Neckties:  I heard women in porn, particularly BBW porn, really deal with a world headaches when it comes to the business side of things (e.g. getting paid). What has your experience been like?

Brandy: I've always heard horror stories as well, so I protect myself by only working with the most reputable companies. I've worked with Score, and Sensational Video, and filmed a few things myself to sell the content. I've had plenty of offers from "photographers" or "up and coming" companies, but I just feel like these are not worth the risk. Also, guys and fans very often want to get everything for nothing. Especially while camming. This is super frustrating! I love showing off, but time is money, and to be honest I am not doing porn for the sex I am doing it for the money. I have never not gotten paid for a shoot, but I have had my fair share of empty promises!

Neckties:  Who’s on your YES list?

Brandy: Any of the other super sexy girls out there :) I am def bi and girl girl or boy girl girl scenes are my fave.

Neckties:  Who would you recommend this life to, if to anyone at all?

Brandy: Anyone who wants to make some extra cash :) It's fun and exciting to cam, and sexy and glamorous to do photo and video shoots.

Neckties:  Who do you admire?

Brandy: Strong women, especially Samantha 38G. She is so professional, so sexy, so amazing. She has been an inspiration and a friend. Not to mention super sexy co-star! I've loved working with her :) See us together in KJUGGS by Score, Hula Hooping on PlumperPass, on her website  and on my clips4sale site.

Neckties:  A personal question, if you don’t mind me asking. I have heard dating is hard for women in the industry. Tell us your experiences. What are you looking for in a man?

Brandy: Guys just want to get it in. They'll say anything. I'm fine being on my own, not really looking for a man right now.

Neckties:  What have you been up to? Plugs, movies and such?

Brandy: I do camming and porn shoots on the side, my everyday life consists of temping at my office job, picking up some shifts waitressing, taking care of my 2 kiddos, and the usual household chores. Check out my webstore where you can sample my baking I'm available to video chat.
and hopefully more shoots on XLGirls and PlumperPass coming up :) Don't forget to comment on the scenes you like and email these companies to ask them to have me back!

Neckties:  Last question, are you happy?

Brandy: I have good days and bad days like everyone else. I'm happy most of the time! And hearing from fans who say they love me always brightens my mood. I would worry less if I was more finacially secure, but I'm still working on that one. I'm happy that guys like you provide the opportunity for girls like me to show off and feel sexy just the way we are.
Thanks so much for this opportunity!
Brandy Ryder
twitter = @brandy_ryder

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Hate Interracial Porn But Watch It Anyway

The movie was called Mature Brotha Lovers 12. I threw it on because I was in the mood to stroke to Jordan Blue.

Plot. Jordan's car gives up  on her. She's late for work. Her cell won't get reception. Her day is fucked. She's going to get fired. Prince Yahshua pulls over and offers help. 

And Jordan reveals she's in a vulnerable position. She's been drinking. She doesn't want to call a tow truck because the insurance is in her husband's name and she doesn't want him to know she's trashed. Can you help me?

It so happens that Prince has the part she needs at his house and Oh, it's right down the road.

They get to his house, and he puts his hands on her throat. If she wants to get out of there she better suck his dick.

I stopped watching. 

Not long ago, I would've rationalized it. They're acting. They are consenting adults playing a role. Rape fantasy is okay. Actual rape is not.

But I dunno.

There's so much porn out there. Why should I watch what I don't like?

So, Sex-Pos porn. Give me your suggestions.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Porn Saint Haiku

Friends, I have had the pleasure of a collaboration with the talented Francesco D'Isa of our favorite art porn site Porn Saints. We have merged words and image; body and soul; porn star and saint. Behold! And, if something strikes you fancy . . .

Bella Vendetta
Beautiful when served
Cold and stripped. Hands smooth vinyl.
Angel, my heart burns!
Drunklust! And slavishly
Watching the tube. Slavishly
Watching the tube.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Porn Star Haiku: Audrey Bitoni

Your name is a tawdry 
Euphonic, sounding a 
Sensuous whisper.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Field Notes: Isabella

Site: Cum on Her Face
Woman: Isabella
Date: April 3, 2012

I'm not sure when I first became transfixed with Isabella.

It's strange too. She's not a looker. Kind of looks like a pill head. Doughy. Small. 15 year-old girl tits. Smashed mouth.

A few years ago, I assume while cruising through COHF's archives, I saw her and became obsessed with getting one of her vids. One should note that I wasn't obsessed enough to pay for a subscription. But obsessed enough. I still don't know why.

Found a vid where Isabella is introduced to Florida's Finest Bukkake Crew by a bubbly, yet dominating curly blond who strongly resembled Tobi Pacific. Probably was Toby Pacific. Or Virginia Madsen.  It was split into 6 smaller vids, which I found annoying, but watched anyway.

Today I watched her come back for more. This vid, in one piece this time, is one of the last pieces of regular porn I downloaded before my self imposed ban. It's been sitting on my hard drive for 4 months (wow!).

I suppose I was waiting for the right time.

It's been a different experience. I've taken to watching sex flicks in their entirety this year instead of the usual skipping through. So far it has really enhanced my appreciation (is that the right word?) for porn. Vids I've seen literally dozens of times, I now look at differently. I see the humor. I take in the strangeness, the quirkiness, the unecessariousness of it all. Sometimes I dig the music. Sometimes I don't. I recognize unexpected things in gonzo porn, like character development, scene setup, and build-up (sometimes surprisingly subtle) to sex.

I see and appreciate they way People-Soon-To-Be-Fucking interact with each other.

Isabella interacted with glee, familiarity and genuine friendliness with the COHF guys. They in return treated her with a that seems to be rare in porn.

She seemed to be into it. Having a good time. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun!

And I had that moment of clarity where I realized that I have been judging and dismissing bukkake participants. I had been subconsciously making the assumption that if you're involved in a cum bang, you  either:

  1. have a dangerous, uncontrolled lust.
  2. Or are doing it for the money. And you REALLY need the money. 
It was such a revelation to see that people are having fun.

What  a relief it is to let go of my judgement and have fun too!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Porn Star Haiku: Brynn Tyler

I want to probe deep
Truths with these haiku. In truth,
I want to probe you.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Porn, A Path To Positive Body Image?

What is the single most pervasive and insidious neurosis afflicting women in this country?

Girls, you know the answer. Boys, think. Every woman you've been with has got an issue with her body. 10s think they're 3s. Most women are helplessly insecure about their bodies.


"Well, it's the images of women in the mainstream media; whether it's the skeletal frames that grace the cover of Vogue or the size 00 sitcom actresses or the elegantly anorexic movie star."

Put a pin in that.

Porn objectifies women. Yes. But it appears, with some reflection to this author at least, that it does so in an incredibly varied way. Yes, when one thinks Porn Star, you think Barbie or typical stripper bod, but even a cursory viewing of your average smut collection will reveal so much more. Yes. Many of those body types fall in to niches. But even so, try to think of the last time you saw any woman on TV Desiree Devine's size. Delle Reese, maybe?

Have a look yourself at the variations on size that porn offers. These are off the top of my head. I'm sure with some time you could dig up plenty more.

Porn Queen
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Barbie in the flesh. Impossibly curved, the porn queen is just as plastic as America's fever vision of Womanhood. Collagen, botoxed lips. Silicone tits. Massive. Microscopic waist. And more and more, as the millennium progresses, a fat ass. This is the best body money could buy. It's also the product of fervent pole dancing. Field hockey in high school. Farm league in strip clubs. Lithe. Yoga and Pilates. Kickboxing. 10ks and the like. She's fit. Flexible. And when she opens her mouth, she breathes sex.
Tory Lane Lisa Ann, Savannah SternTaylor Wane,

Gawky Girl
Frankly, I'd been rubbing out to this body shape for years before it occurred to me this was exactly the type of girl I had trouble imagining naked back when I was in high school. Skinny. Often too skinny. Not very shapely. A rod. All odd angles and knee or elbow sticking out more sharply than it should. Not the prettiest girl, but a workhorse.
Trisha Rey, Morgan Layne,

(I'm listing the various BBW sizes in no particular order) Super-sized Big Beautiful Woman. It's the biggest kind! Sexy with a panis. Now, think. Where, outside of porn, will you ever see something saying: "Not only is OK to look like  Diamond White, but guys will be lining up to fuck you?" I rest my case.
Wonder Tracy, Desiree Devine

BBW Goddess
Our favorite kind. Reubens painted them They have folds. Matronly upper arms are welcome.
Maria MooreSamantha 38G

Curvy All Over
Not quite truly BBW. What we in the African-American community call THICK. This is the fattest woman you'll ever see on television. this is about the middle of the shape spectrum in porn.
Angelina Castro, Olivia O'Lovely, Sara Jay

Pear Shaped
Huge ass. Small tits.
Amber Peach, Cherokee D'Ass, Pinky

Short and Compact
Patricia Petite, Charity Bangs, Kaci Starr

Lithe Teen
Think Gawky Girl without the sharp angles. Same girl going from ugly duckling to swan.
Faith Leon, Faye Reagan

Again, this is off the top of my head. I wrote this about as quickly as you're reading it. Can you, with as much ease, think of women from popular culture who fit in all these body shapes? No, right? Why?

There's a takeaway from all this, ain't there? These body shapes pervade porn because there's demand. A random walk down a porn aisle should tell every woman "Hey, there are so many guys that want to fuck a girl who looks like you that a group of people produced this movie to sell them." No, don't look at the Porn Queen. Down here by BBW. No? You'll definitely find someone shaped like you in the amateur section.

How do we get this simple message out into the mainstream? You're OK. Someone likes you just the way you are.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Porn To View at a Later Date

Priya Rai: Oiled up, fucking Jules Jordan with a blank expression and a weird wrinkle under her left breast that every other person on Tumblr expressed horror upon seeing.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where Oruba Interviews Porn Writer Christian Madsen

It started, as most thing do these days, on Twitter:

Here we go.

1. We’ll start weird. Tell us who you are. In haiku.

Chris:                 Butterfly, 
                           why use so many words, 
                           one is enough.
Okay, that really doesn't say anything about me, but I suck at haiku poems. In non Haiku – I am a writer for Whack! Magazine, a mainstream freelance writer based in Copenhagen, Denmark trying to make it out alive.

2. We have something in common. We both recently interviewed CamilleCrimson.Want to make this a meta-interview?

Chris: Meta-interviews are the best, so I'm totally down for that!

3. If you answered no, skip to #8.

Chris: I answer yes, for 500 Alex.

4. First, about writing for Whack! Magazine: what man (or reasonable woman,for that matter) wouldn’t want to get paid writing about porn? I bet there is an entertaining story about how you fell into the gig. Please say yes.

Chris:: Oh I wish there were, but it went down in a really run of the mill sort of way I guess. I was (and still am) working as a mainstream freelance writer, writing coach, screenplay consultant. But the work load was slowly winding down and the jobs I were getting kind of bored me. I had been thinking about getting into writing about the adult industry and writing for a English speaking audience – so I started doing interviews and articles on my Tumblr. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive to my surprise. After a while I wanted to switch to larger platform and was searching around for a place that would have me – with no luck.

Eventually I did a short and whacky interview with Ash Hollywood and mailed it off to Whack Mag, they loved it! Within a couple of hours – 10-15 emails back and forth – I was drafted to the Whack writing staff. The best thing about writing for Whack is, I more or less have free hands to write what I want, do the interviews I want and just go crazy! It's a great place that crosses between porn, mainstream and has a artsy vibe to it as well. However many people don't see that, and they end up thinking it's only a smut mag – which it is – but it's also more than that.

After a couple of articles on Whack, I was contacted by ZZinsider who asked if I wanted to contribute a couple of posts to their site, of course I said yes.

I've talked to Camille Crimson – who will be the guest editor of Fleshbot in May – about doing some writing there. I'm still writing on Tumblr. I've had one fan post published on Porn dot Com and I'm looking into writing for some mainstream sites in the future (are you reading this you people over on xojane?) things have been moving really fast for me, almost too fast sometimes, it's hard too keep up.

At last, I'm working a short film script with the Darling House collective, that might end up getting shot here in Copenhagen.

5. Your interview with Camille is part of a piece for Whack! on the blossoming Montreal porn scene. What first drew your attention to the city?

Chris: For years I have been watching a show on the French television channel TV5. Usually they only cover what's going on in France, but every Saturday they would have a one hour long program about Montreal – about what's going on there with food, style, fashion, film, music, art, architecture and more – I fell totally in love with Montreal watching that show.

About a year or so ago, I was doing research on the adult industry (just based on my curiosity and boredom) and I found out that a lot of people, and companies, actually aren't based in California, but in Montreal – Canada. The more I looked into the city and the adult industry, the more it seemed that something interesting is going on here, something that might make for a good article. At the same time Montreal is somewhat of a 'it' city right now in mainstream culture, it's a cool city to visit, it's a city with a growing and great fashion, music, food and art scene.

6. You also interview Sophie Delaney and VP Phil from Porn Dot Com. What is it about those three do you feel is representative of the Montreal porn scene in general?

Chris: I had a ton of emails out to get quotes from people in and around Montreal, and the pornographic business there. Sophie was a shoe in since she works with The Art of Blowjob and Pornographic Love. She's lived in Montreal for years and is well connected to the entire adult industry there – plus she gives great interviews and quotes. Porn dot Com is a big site, a big company and connected to all of the industry in North America. I thought they're perspective on my questions would be interesting and they didn't disappoint in my opinion.

7. What were your expectations coming into the piece? Were you surprised by anything anyone said? Personally, I found the link to the tech boom intriguing.

Chris:: I don't know? Tough question. I don't really have any expectations going into any interview, other than people answer my questions with more than one sentence answers (unless the question is specifically made for a one sentence answer). When they do that it pisses me off, cause I feel like they're disrespecting me, the people I work for and the readers who are reading the interview – it's completely unprofessional in my book, and a total waste of time and energy by all parties involved.

As for the Montreal article. I wasn't really surprised by any of the answers – I thought they were well thought out by Camille, Phil and Sophie, they were honest and elaborating on all the questions.

I liked the tech boom part as well. I'm not in any way tech or internet savvy (I know the basics) but that part got my attention – because I learned something new – and a good interview or article should tell you something you didn't know already, and I didn't know much about the tech part.

8. Plugs and shameless self promotion.

Chris: People should check out my personal Tumblr for photos and writings – search the archive:

They should read me on and of course marvel at my amazing work on Whack Magazine

At last but not least, give me a follow on Twitter, I'm on there all the time and I tweet a lot, so be warned

9. Finally, your command of alliteration and assonance is quite masterful, sir. How do you do it?

Chris: Whoa, thank you very much for that. I guess I've always done that – I use to write a lot of poetry in English, trying to copy the vibe of people like Allen Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski and Jack Kerouac – I'm also a huge music geek. I love Esthero a musical artist who has the same love affair with words as I do, she inspires me all the time in my writing and how I use language.

As a teenager, I was really into hip-hop & rap – both listening and writing, and performing. That probably had some influence on my writing I do today.

I think I just love language and words, I love playing around with them and finding new ways to connect them, unusual ways, entertaining ways. Sometimes I make it work, other times – it ends up sounding corny and it makes no sense to me or any other person reading what I wrote. Thank god for editors and proofreading I say!