Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Prayers Have Been Answered

Didn't I say we live in a magical age? Not too long ago I was on here wishing that Brandi C of VH1 reality TV fame had done porn. And lo and behold! She performed under the name Brittany Burke and did a few scenes for various reality porn sites (I see continuity is her strong suit). Surprisingly unlike, well, everyone else, she ventured into porn after appearing on reality television According to her Myspace blog, it was a one time thing for kicks and now it's behind her. Huh.

I'm aware that I might the last guy on the internet to see her naked. In my defense, I didn't even know who this girl was till a month ago. Damn you, TV for sucking me back in.

The crazy thing about my quest to see Ms. C in some hardcore action is that even though her filmography is as limited as Angelique's, I didn't have to put in anywhere near the effort. By the end the day I'd seen her scenes with In the VIP, Baby Got Boobs, Boobs & Bottoms, and Wife Swap and I was happy, for a while. But alas I can never stay content and now I'm trying to find stuff with her hair pink. Sigh.

Now, if I could only find a gang bang with Ashleigh Banfield, then all of my prayers would truly be answered.

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