Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Neckties Exclusive: An Interview With Brandy Ryder

 I've had the pleasure to interview one of our favorite BBW stars. Brandy Ryder, the continual object of my affection, was nice enough to answer some questions for Neckties. Please read if you want to get inside this honey. 

Just remember, behind the fantasy is a hard working mother of two. Behind the fantasy is a real down-to-earth chick who's trying to get by. If she really makes you tingle in special places, if she makes parts of you sing, if you've rubbed one or two out to her, please support her. In porn or otherwise. And don't be afraid to engage her. She loves her fans as much as they love her.

Neckties: We've never met. We’re acquainted through Twitter. Is there anything you can say to assure everyone reading that you’re not a bot?

Brandy: 101101001001  haha!  Just kidding :)  This is the real Brandy Ryder and I am Not a Robot.   

Neckties: Describe yourself, in haiku.
Sunwashed soft pale skin 
Hazel eyes seducing you

Naked Exposed Me
Neckties:  I would say you have an exotic look. That’s why I’m into you. What’s your background? How do you identify?

Brandy: I'm an all-American mutt like many :)  I grew up in the Midwest... band geek and theatre nerd... I am German/English/Scottish.  My heart belongs in Miami! 

Neckties:  You’re in a reletively young subgenre. Can you tell me how you were first introduced to BBW porn? I assume it was long before you started performing. Can you tell me what was rushing through your head at the time you saw women who looked like you being worshiped?

Brandy: My first glimpse of big beautiful women was Score's "Voluptuous" Magazine and "XLGirls" I was so impressed to see such classy and sexy photos of these girls. I had grown up always hating my curves and my huge boobs and the attention it brought me. When I saw these magazines and the websites and found that there were guys who appreciated this body type it was a whole new world. It made me feel more comfortable with myself, and also I developed quite a few new girl crushes :)

Neckties:  How were you introduced to having sex onscreen?

Brandy: I'm naughty and always been a bit kinky, I had always loved making little homemade sex tapes... in 2006 I started web camming, and eventually my boyfriend at the time convinced me to email Score and do a shoot. That was the very first shoot I did, "Two big Tickets to Ride" and "Feed her Fuck her". Working with Score was amazing, they made me feel super comfortable and glamorous.

Neckties:  I heard women in porn, particularly BBW porn, really deal with a world headaches when it comes to the business side of things (e.g. getting paid). What has your experience been like?

Brandy: I've always heard horror stories as well, so I protect myself by only working with the most reputable companies. I've worked with Score, and Sensational Video, and filmed a few things myself to sell the content. I've had plenty of offers from "photographers" or "up and coming" companies, but I just feel like these are not worth the risk. Also, guys and fans very often want to get everything for nothing. Especially while camming. This is super frustrating! I love showing off, but time is money, and to be honest I am not doing porn for the sex I am doing it for the money. I have never not gotten paid for a shoot, but I have had my fair share of empty promises!

Neckties:  Who’s on your YES list?

Brandy: Any of the other super sexy girls out there :) I am def bi and girl girl or boy girl girl scenes are my fave.

Neckties:  Who would you recommend this life to, if to anyone at all?

Brandy: Anyone who wants to make some extra cash :) It's fun and exciting to cam, and sexy and glamorous to do photo and video shoots.

Neckties:  Who do you admire?

Brandy: Strong women, especially Samantha 38G. She is so professional, so sexy, so amazing. She has been an inspiration and a friend. Not to mention super sexy co-star! I've loved working with her :) See us together in KJUGGS by Score, Hula Hooping on PlumperPass, on her website  and on my clips4sale site.

Neckties:  A personal question, if you don’t mind me asking. I have heard dating is hard for women in the industry. Tell us your experiences. What are you looking for in a man?

Brandy: Guys just want to get it in. They'll say anything. I'm fine being on my own, not really looking for a man right now.

Neckties:  What have you been up to? Plugs, movies and such?

Brandy: I do camming and porn shoots on the side, my everyday life consists of temping at my office job, picking up some shifts waitressing, taking care of my 2 kiddos, and the usual household chores. Check out my webstore where you can sample my baking I'm available to video chat.
and hopefully more shoots on XLGirls and PlumperPass coming up :) Don't forget to comment on the scenes you like and email these companies to ask them to have me back!

Neckties:  Last question, are you happy?

Brandy: I have good days and bad days like everyone else. I'm happy most of the time! And hearing from fans who say they love me always brightens my mood. I would worry less if I was more finacially secure, but I'm still working on that one. I'm happy that guys like you provide the opportunity for girls like me to show off and feel sexy just the way we are.
Thanks so much for this opportunity!
Brandy Ryder
twitter = @brandy_ryder

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