Friday, June 29, 2012

On Tyla Wynn (Working Title)

To do. Deconsctruct this Tyla Wynn video. Be sure to highlight
  • The ridiculous shit she says during the intro
  • The premise of the plot
    • THAT couple with THAT realtor being THAT laid back about a $20,000 a month mansion
    • Tyla Wynn’s short creepy boyfriend
      • Who looks like he should be in gay porn but when you think about it you think gay guys couldn’t be turned on by him either. He’s weird looking.
      • Like, if he was near me at a orgy, I think I would have to move somewhere else.
      • Like he looks like he smells funny
      • And if he didn’t have a big dick he’d be on some sort of watchlist.
      • I bet he is on a watchlist.
      • Footnote that he is Scott Lyon, Mr. Brandy Lyons and yes, he’s done gay porn.
    • Jesus Christ, I haven’t seen Alex Sanders in years
      • Or maybe I have and I haven’t been paying attention.
      • Talk about a throwback to the nineties.
      • Shouldn’t he be fucking Dyanna Lauren or something.
      • He couldn’t look more bored.
      • Maybe because he’s not fucking Dyanna Lauren.
      • This is where you notice that Tyla Wynn isn’t exactly a catch.
        • I’ve tried escape this classist trip but the white trash is on there heavy.
        • She looks worse for wear.
        • This movie is from like 2006. She’s still in the industry. Has anyone checked to see if she’s ok?
        • I dont think I want to fuck her anymore.
        • That said, I still finished.
        • Finding a recent video and hoping she’s looking healthier.

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