Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Field Notes: Isabella

Site: Cum on Her Face
Woman: Isabella
Date: April 3, 2012

I'm not sure when I first became transfixed with Isabella.

It's strange too. She's not a looker. Kind of looks like a pill head. Doughy. Small. 15 year-old girl tits. Smashed mouth.

A few years ago, I assume while cruising through COHF's archives, I saw her and became obsessed with getting one of her vids. One should note that I wasn't obsessed enough to pay for a subscription. But obsessed enough. I still don't know why.

Found a vid where Isabella is introduced to Florida's Finest Bukkake Crew by a bubbly, yet dominating curly blond who strongly resembled Tobi Pacific. Probably was Toby Pacific. Or Virginia Madsen.  It was split into 6 smaller vids, which I found annoying, but watched anyway.

Today I watched her come back for more. This vid, in one piece this time, is one of the last pieces of regular porn I downloaded before my self imposed ban. It's been sitting on my hard drive for 4 months (wow!).

I suppose I was waiting for the right time.

It's been a different experience. I've taken to watching sex flicks in their entirety this year instead of the usual skipping through. So far it has really enhanced my appreciation (is that the right word?) for porn. Vids I've seen literally dozens of times, I now look at differently. I see the humor. I take in the strangeness, the quirkiness, the unecessariousness of it all. Sometimes I dig the music. Sometimes I don't. I recognize unexpected things in gonzo porn, like character development, scene setup, and build-up (sometimes surprisingly subtle) to sex.

I see and appreciate they way People-Soon-To-Be-Fucking interact with each other.

Isabella interacted with glee, familiarity and genuine friendliness with the COHF guys. They in return treated her with a that seems to be rare in porn.

She seemed to be into it. Having a good time. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun!

And I had that moment of clarity where I realized that I have been judging and dismissing bukkake participants. I had been subconsciously making the assumption that if you're involved in a cum bang, you  either:

  1. have a dangerous, uncontrolled lust.
  2. Or are doing it for the money. And you REALLY need the money. 
It was such a revelation to see that people are having fun.

What  a relief it is to let go of my judgement and have fun too!

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