Thursday, October 27, 2011

On Race And Identity

You, no doubt, know at least one of the pictured persons above. If you watch as much porn as I think you do, chances are you know the other fellow too.

One is the Leader of the Free World.

The other is a popular porn star.

They share more than you think.

A look at Justin Long's biography will show details that crop up in Obama's life story.

Both are interracial, with black fathers they never knew. Both were raised by their white mothers. Both were raised into backgrounds that could be described as more white than black.

But both are labeled by the rest as us as black.

Barack Obama isn't considered the first Interracial President.

Justin Long is ALWAYS the Black element in the standard Interracial Porn Formula.

Why is that?

The answer, if there is one, lies in America's complicated views on race and identity. It's an all or nothing mentality when it comes to skin color in this country.

What is the point, Oruba? The point is, this is what I think about to distract me when I watch Interracial Porn and  the white girl onscreen demands to be fucked with that "nigger cock."

Did mention that I hate IR but watch it anyway?