Friday, August 19, 2011

The Hungarian Connection

What is Hungary known for? Aside from goulash and a handful of Classical composers, I really couldn't tell you. I know the capital is Budapest. That's about it.

I know that some of my favorite European porn stars hail from there. I know they have the same mysterious and powerfully magnetic allure despite being as different from each other as could be. What, Oruba? How different?

The three women I refer to are Mandy Bright, Lisa Sparkle, and Wonder Tracy. Yes, that different.

Mandy, I've been into for quite a few years. If there's anyone I could refer to as a sex demon, it would be her. After that I have no words for how she makes me feel. She brings everything to the table every time and leaves me, the freaking viewer for god's sake, drained. For about a month or two, getting a subscription to Mandy Is Kinky was the best decision I ever made.

Lisa, I discovered late last year. For about two weeks straight, she's was all I would stroke to. I started to feel like heroin addict after a while. Effort was exerted to ween myself off her. Now I can only watch Lisa Sparkle in small doses. Porn Methadone.

And the girl from left field: Wonder Tracy. It's no secret that I love BBWs, but there aren't that many women THAT size that gets me worked up the way she does. Like seriously bothered and shit. I have to take a nap right afterwards.

So what is this Hungarian Connection? Are all the women in Hungary this electric? Or is it just these three? Is it genetic or something in the water. I'm definitely making a stop in Budapest the next time I go backpacking to take in the local color.

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