Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Utterly Uninformed Thoughts on Sasha Grey

Skydweller, who may or may not be affiliated with the Disney Corporation, writes:

"man could you please write about porn star Sasha Grey? I wanna know more about her."

Skydweller, if you just surfed in here, you probably wouldn't know this but this blog is a reflection on porn as filtered through my personal experience. And I'll be frank, perhaps too frank: I've never masturbated to Sasha Grey.

And in truth I couldn't give you a good reason why. Her videos are easy to come by. She is an exceptional beauty. I have always been partial to brunettes. She seems accessible which, strange to say, is a factor in who I watch. I think with porn like in other areas of my life I have the tendency to stay off the well beaten path. I'm more likely to following my own whims than do something because it's hot. And Sasha Grey is en fuego.

I'm not mad at her for it. More power to her. But for whatever reason, perhaps my current infatuation with redheads, I'm not feeling her right now. Someday I'll get around to indulging in her movies. When that happens, you'll be the first to know.

That said, I hate to let people down. I figure as much as I surf the internets for porn, surely I must know something that may be of use to you. Here is what I been able to gleam from my travels:

Her Wikipedia page is perhaps the most in-depth I've seen for any porn star except Ron Jeremy. What hasn't she done? She's in both Porn and Mainstream films. She's modeled for American Apparel, the company I love to hate. She's put out industrial records. And Much More.

She's a busy Renaissance woman, it seems. Quite an accomplished lady at her age. But from what I've been reading, she has a few detractors. People who say her intelligence, if not her whole persona is an affectation.

Like I said, I not terribly familiar with her, but at this point I'm not inclined to disagree. Take, for instance her constant allusions to Existentialism and French New Wave.

From personal experience, 9 out of 10 people who name drop Existentialism into a conversation are in-fucking-sufferably smug assholes who don't what they're talking about. I'm not afraid to say that I might fall into this category.

And as much I love Godard, Truffaut, and all them cats, most people who say they like French New Wave -- unless that person is a bearded professor or European -- are really trying to impress you. It's code for look at how cool, hip, and savvy I am! It's in the same vein as telling people how much you can bench press. Again, this might be a self indictment.

All said though, regardless of whether she's "authentic" or even likable, based on my light research and my gut, my feeling is that in the years to come she'll subvert our idea of what porn stars are or should be. And if there's anything I'm for, it's good old fashioned subversion.

Oh, and apparently she's beefing with Howard Stern, but I don't think that will go anywhere.


  1. My 2 cents on Sasha Grey: she's 21 years old. During the time she's been trying to impress people with her intelligence as a porn star (age 18-21), she's been the age when most people like her are in college...trying to impress people with their intelligence. I don't mean that to belittle Sasha, merely to point out that she's doing exactly what folks her age normally do, but she's in the public eye. Not to mention that a lot of people who complain about her (obviously not you) hate women and hate porn stars and would frankly prefer to continue in their fantasy world where women are moronic sex dolls that exist for their enjoyment rather than acknowledge that she may, in fact, have more brain cells than they do. (I do realize that was a bit of a rant, but I feel like Sahsa's taken a lot more criticism than she deserves)

  2. By all means, rant on, sister. All rants are more than welcomed. I don't think you could've made you point with less words.

    I completely agree with you. I think the Howard Stern debacle elucidates your points perfectly. Her comments aren't that far from the boneheaded things I or people I know would have said when we were 21. Only difference is that my words were never printed in Rolling Stone. No shitstorm ever ensued from my youthful anarcho-antizionist-antiwhatver posturing because no one gave a shit. who was I?

    As for the misogynist haters, look no further than Howard Sterns comments. That's never too far below the surface. However in the right he may be for his ire, it's clear where he thinks her place should be.

  3. I don't suppose you read Scott Fayner's blog, eh? THE source for misogynist rants:

  4. The way I see it, if you could get someone that worked up, you must be doing something right.

  5. Man I am in no way related to Disney Corporation. And thanks for writing about her... In you words I would say that I love love love Sasha Grey. Shez one of the most beautiful porn stars I've ever seen. I haven't watched any of her flick and its not accessible in the place i live. And thanks for writing about her.