Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Love Love Love Charlotte

I haven't watched anything from Net Video Girls in years. Are they still putting out new content? I have blissful memories of the girls I've found on there. Not the least of which were Eve Lawrence and August Knight.

But the one who really captured my heart was Charlotte. Need I say it? I love love love Charlotte. She looks exactly like the type of girl I'd date.

[A Blogger's Note: I've been rereading my posts and it has come to my attention that saying X “is a girl I'd date” is something I seem to be doing a lot. I foresee this phrase popping up more in the future and annoying the hell out of everyone. For this reason I've decided to let the power of the ACRONYM (A Clever Re-Organization Nudges Your Memory) speak for me. So instead hitting you over the head every time I talk about wanting to date So and So, I'll just label her WIWTD (Woman I would Totally Date) and leave it at that.]

I suppose the Girl Next Door thing is a cliché for a reason. I never believe the stories weaved in “reality” porn videos but there was something about her that made you think maybe she really was the ingénue she claimed to be. I haven't seen her anywhere else so maybe it's true. Note: if you have seen Charlotte do porn elsewhere or just know for a fact that she's a pro, please don't ruin it for me. I want to live this fantasy.

It's been a few days since I'd written the four paragraphs above and there's already a threat to my fantasy world. I fucked up and did some light research. Some are saying that Charlotte and Alicia Avery, a girl who is is very much not the Girl Next Door cliché and is totally not WIWTD, are one and the same. I respond to this by plugging my ears, closing my eyes and humming “My Girl” as loud a I can.”


  1. have you or do you know if its a Myth . but a second Charlotte film is meant to be about called Charlotte Returns
    is this true . have you seen it ?
    as ive only seen the Introduction one

  2. Yeah, I've seen it. A few years ago. Her hair's short in it. It's worth watching, I think.

  3. if you have it, can you pass on a link as id love to view it
    this is the one i know about

  4. Had to dig through my stash. You're welcome, Skawashers: http://www.slutload.com/watch/ku6WrG2n6hr/Net-Video-Girls-Charlotte-Returns.html

    Tell your friends about Neckties For Reptiles!!

  5. Yeah i will post your blog links about. its a fun blog
    so ive just watched the second of the Charlotte films. What a con.
    she didnt get laid at all. How could you not. shes damn cute. Why not at
    least eat her out . But still nothing.
    What do you think was in the letter? As i couldn't read it that well. Do you
    think she was a Virgin.. I do..

    One from the past i think you might like is

    she goes by a Number of names.
    as you can see by this site


    you know any of her other films apart from the first link ?

    Her real name is Shona Gregory

  6. Her real name? How did you get that? You know her IRL?

  7. how i got her name ?? i cant actually remember how i found out.
    its the same with porn star. cherry poppens. her name is Heather Methvin

  8. She looks like Sutton Foster