Sunday, January 8, 2012

Questions About Calco Boycs

Who is Calco Boycs? I'm sure anyone with the time for exploration and the patience for decryption can find out. He's on Twitter after all. A tightly written—though with a hint of English-As-A-Second-Language—portrait on Blogspot provides:
Calco Boycs is a swiss born descend from an illustrious french huguenot family with celtic roots. He was educated at Paris-Sorbonne and the Zurich University of the Arts and worked long years as commercial photographer and graphic designer.Bored from fame and success he decided to make a clean sweep. Two years ago he quit his job and left his hometown from one day to another to start anew. Since then he lives under a pseudonym in a remote mountain valley in Provence, France near the Mount Ventoux. Not even his best friends know the exact address.
Yeah. Still an enigma.

A better question is What is Calco Boycs? Simply, he makes stunning porn art. Like these:

Which leads you to ask, Why? Who knows? But I, for one, am grateful.

A question for myself: How did you get into Calco Boycs?

I don't know. His site magically appeared on my bookmarks a few days ago. I don't know how it got there. Should I be alarmed?

Last question: Does Calco Boycs think porn is art?

Clearly, yes.

Peruse Calco Boycs' porn art for yourself here.

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