Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Lazy Man's Interview of Candace Moon.

Someday, someday I've told myself, I'll interview some porn starlets. These days I got so much going on, I could barely update this blog regularly much less conduct an interview. Accidentally, this week I stumbled on a
novel way to essentially get interview results with none of the effort.

Formspring is an intriguing little website where an a account holder gets to field questions from anonymous strangers. I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Candace Moon, the vivacious BBW porn starlet, via Twitter. She pointed me toward her formspring. I beheld and awed at the questions being lobbed at her.

Yes, they were exactly the kind of questions you would expect anonymous strangers to pose a porn actress:

Would you let me fuck you? 100% Sperm for you!;

Do you feel like fucking right now?

Where would you like my cock most?

Do you like to fondle balls?

What would you do with my cock?

How many men you think have left their cum in your ass?

Can I lick your pussy?

Can I stick my cock inside you? Yes?

Do you know how much I want to fuck you?

Would you ever fuck a fan?

What's you're mobile number?

Where do you live?

Do you do escort meets?

What size is your clit?

Would you add me as a friend if you could see my naked pics?

Do you want to join my birthday gang bang?

I'm thinking "Doesn't all that get tiring, sister?" I would imagine it getting old after a while. I saw this as a chance to change things up for her, make it less monotonous and at the same time get one of those "Earnest Look" interviews I keep talking about wanting to do. The following took place over the course of two days through my phone while waiting for the train, in between classes, and while in line for coffee.

Oruba Stone : It's 8 am. You desparately need coffee. To your horror you find you're out of filters. What do you do?

Candace Moon : Cry, and then use a paper towel as a filter

OS : What is your very very first memory?

CM : When i was very little we had a farm, and my first memory is feeding one of the cows we had, her name was Beulah, i remember feeding her caramels, she loved them

OS : Righty or lefty?

CM : simple, random fact, I like it...righty :D

OS : Leno or Conan?

CM : neither, I hate that trash tv

OS : Who do you like performing with?

CM : My husband

OS : Turn ons?

CM : girls with big tits and nice asses. guys with good personalities and a nice cock

OS : Turn offs?

CM : pushy men, body odor, bad breath

OS : What's your favorite John Hughes movie?

CM : who is John Hughes?

OS : What is the most attractive quality a man could have?

CM : A funny personality, and a good attitude

OS : Do you have any obscure or random hobbies?

CM : Yes, I knit and crochet, and I make jewelry

OS : Who's your favorite New Kid on the Block and why?

CM : I don't enjoy the new kids on the block, never did never will. Is it one of the Wahlberg brothers that is an actor? I like him. lol

OS : How many members of the Wu Tang Clan can you name?

CM : What is a wu tang clan? You kids and your crazy language LOL

OS : What is your favorite Corey Haim movie? You know who he is.

CM : I do. The Lost Boys

OS : What mainstream Hollywood actor would you love to do a scene with?

CM : hehe ummm Gerard Butler maybe

OS : Any advice for a young BBW just starting out in porn?

CM : Read every single contract that you sign, and don't trust anyone LOL

OS : Which BBW porn starlet do you most admire?

CM : Geez, I admire so many. Fatty D, for sure, MissMinnabbw the list goes on and on...

OS : Which do you prefer on a guy, boxers or briefs?

CM : Briefs definitely

OS : Any particular goals for 2010?

CM : Yes, to fuck a friend of mine the next time I see him ;)

OS : Who would you love to work with, male and female?

CM : Mark Davis, and Katja Kassin

OS : Who is your favorite male co-star?

CM : Mark Davis, hands down

OS : How long do you foresee yourself continuing in the adult entertainment industry?

CM : in some form, until I'm dead

OS : If you only pick one: a life with only kisses and no sex, or all sex and no kissing, which would you choose and why?

CM : as much as i love kissing..i would have to say all sex and no kissing. Why? Do i really need to explain why...

OS : Describe the perfect day (not really a question, I know).

CM : hmm Coffee in the morning, a diner for breakfast brunch, a long walk in a beautiful park. A movie and ice cream in bed, what can I say...I'm a simple girl

OS : Who in the Industry do you consider a role model/hero?

CM : Belladonna, because she does her own thing no matter what anyone says, and Fatty D because she's a curvy girl and so gorgeous!

OS : How many stars can you name?

CM : Porn Stars?

OS : If you could be another starlet who would it and why?

CM : I would never be another starlet. Nuh uh

OS : What was the last thing that took your breath away?

CM : My hitachi

OS: Elvis or Beatles?
CM : Elvis

OS : What country would you like to visit right this second?

CM : Italy

OS : What does love feel like to you? I hope this isn't too personal.

CM : Love feels like everything.

OS : Are you happy?

CM : Insanely.

Also, I really wish I wrote this beauty but I can't take credit for it:

Some people are only here to collect property. I am here with my suitcase to collect only the good brains!! I am an alien from the other world, from outer space, I don't have no land, no estate, no property, no house. Not on this earth. I live in space.

I love the Internet!

You could ask Ms. Candace Moon questions here.

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