Friday, June 5, 2009

Working Blue

I'll admit it. No else has; I can't be the only one. For a brief period of time I was confusing Raven Black with Whitney Wonder. How could you not? Two sexy porn starlets with similar builds and hair color, it was bound to happen. I love them both so it was never an ordeal if I was expecting one and got the other. The milk was never sour or spilt. Stroke sessions were always fulfilling.

I did learn after a week or two to differentiate them, but for ever after the two were linked in my mind. Watching one perform would inevitably bring up thoughts of the other. It's not at all uncommon for me to watch a Whitney Wonders scene right after a Raven Black one and vice versa.

But a change has come and Raven Black has gone and dyed her hair. Knowing my tendency to be oblivious to everything, this is probably news to no one. She's probably been working blue for quite a few months if not more. Never mind that--I'd like to go on the record and say that her new hair color drives me absolutely wild. Her newer scenes have all but consumed me these past few days.

The part of me that loves absurdity, lulz, and unnecessary drama wants Whitney Wonders to follow suit with an identical dye job. Then, ensuing tension that can only be relieved with either an on camera catfight or a blue on blue girl/girl.

Someone really needs to make that a reality.

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