Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gina DePalma: Sex Incarnate

It has come to my attention that I haven't written about Ugly Girl Porn in some time. Perhaps it's because I'm understandably hesitant to call anyone I stroke to ugly. That's both women-hating and self loathing. I can't afford that kind of therapy.

So for the sake of Neckties for Reptiles I enlisted the help of female friend to skim through my hard drive and pick out the next Ugly Girl for your pleasure.

(NOTE: Ladies, if you spend an hour going through a ludicrous amount of porn with your guy friend and he doesn't make a pass at you, it doesn't mean he's gay. It doesn't mean he doesn't want to fuck you. Maybe it means he truly values your friendship. Or perhaps he doing some SERIOUS research. Just saying, Lyndsey.)

She was quick to pick Gina DePalma. And by "quick to pick" I mean after the hour it took to get down to G. Repulsed. She was repulsed by DePalma.

"Is this the type of girl you're into?"

Outwardly, I shrugged noncommittally.

Inwardly, I recalled the times I've stroked to her. It's an absurd number.

So good readers. I give you Gina DePalma. What she lacks in looks she more than abundantly makes up for in sex appeal and passion. The woman sweats lust. I'm getting hot and bothered just writing about her.

I would highly recommend her scene at Exploited Moms (Who've provided a disproportionate share of Ugly Girl Porn), but that site is a hot mess. It's not in the previews and probably not even in the member's section. Cop the torrent. Or depositfiles.


  1. I had to go back and click on your tag to find out what the hell "ugly girl porn" was, being somewhat hesitant to Google it. I'm still sort of confused as to how she qualifies, though.
    The lady in question doesn't appear to be ugly. She's not 20, but Christ, neither am I, and people don't run screaming from me in the street, so that can't be it. She's not the skinny-to-malnourished shape of quote-unquote normal porn stars, but that would presumably put her in the chunky category rather than ugly. Her face looks fine, if average, but average isn't ugly by anyone's lookout. She looks like she's pretty cheerful and about to enjoy herself, and you mention that she's enthusiastic and passionate, so she probably doesn't have an ugly personality. Unless below the edge of the photo her legs are actually a writhing mass of fins and tentacles, I'm just not seeing where the ugly comes in.

  2. I guess the best way to explain it is that Ugly Girl Porn is an exploration into porn as seen through eyes other than mine, principally those of girlfriends (in this case a female friend). As it is still in the explorative stages, I don't know what the exacts contours of the concept are as of yet, but so far they involve beauty in the eye of the beholder and sexuality transcending appearance. It's one of those things we'll both hopefully come to an understanding to as a write more about it.

    At least one of us is thinking entirely too hard about porn.

  3. Eh, I did psych in college, I spend a lot of time thinking entirely too hard about *everything* :)

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