Sunday, October 24, 2010

OK, I Want A Paula Marshall XXXmas Too

As I make my way through season one of Veronica Mars, I find myself running into actresses I desparately wanted to bang out ten years ago. The impossibility of that dream was deferred for the slightly less impossibility of seeing said actress in porn. My consolation is the hope for a convincing Lisa Rinna lookalike who is into interracial gangbang and who looks ravishing with cum dripping off her bee-stung lips.

Coming across Paula Marshall has reminded me of another, albeit a further diluted possibility: see them naked. Do you remember Paula Marshall? She was the only reason I watched Snoops. She was also the only reason I watch Cupid. I suspect she's responisible for the ratings of more shitty shows than anyone else. IMDB confirms my hunch. She's been in 6 shows in eight years, all of them canceled in less than a season.

You would think a track record and a face like that would drive a woman to porn, but she soldiers on.

But I get my wish, sort of.

She was in a sex scene with David Duchovny in an episode of Californication.

I found out it while I was reseaching. I would rush to get it, but it's a sex scene with David Duchovny. Ew.

I think I'll go back to watching Veronica Mars and guessing who'll be the next actress to pop up from my past.

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