Friday, September 18, 2009

Where The Hell Is Oruba Stone?

"Why haven't you been updating," asks the chorus comprising all twenty of my readers.

I suppose I owe you all a reply.

My answer is twofold:

1) The Great Depression 2.0 has done the impossible and sent me scurrying to grad school. The program I'm in is extremely intensive. Loads of reading. Loads of writing. Very little time for anything else. I've only begun to tweet again.

2) Early into my new endeavor, I knew that I was going to need all my mental and physical fortitude. So I decided it best I do something I haven't done in ten years and give up masturbation. At least till exams are over. Surprisingly, it's not as hard as I thought it'd be, but literally overnight, critiquing porn became virtually impossible.

But I miss blogging. I can't stay away too long. And if nothing else, maintaining Neckties gives me enough pretext to leave pithy comments over at Alison Hart's delightfully insightful blog.

So here they are. Resolutions.

1) I'm getting back to updating when I can. Updates won't be as regular as before, and will be more likely to be Porn Star Haikus than long treatises on pornified culture, but I certainly will spend more of my rare free time putting something up.

2) What makes this interesting is to be doing all this while refraining from self love. This occurred to me yesterday when as luck would have it a copy of My Big Plump Wedding came into my possession. I fought the urge to review it knowing that had I not, I'd be fighting a relapse (it was a struggle just getting the link). After some thought, I figure the constant, tortured tension would give updates that edge you only see in love notes from good Catholic girls. Why not? Fuck it.

This might be an absolutely great idea or an incredibly dumb one.

It's good to be back. Thank you for your continued readership, all twenty of you,



  1. Your comments *are* darn pithy. Glad to hear you haven't abandoned the blog or fallen off a cliff. My vote: absolutely great idea.

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